Hamle Tekstil Tasarım

As Hamle Tekstil, we can offer different alternatives to our customers with its wide pattern archive, while at the same time we provide the fastest and optimum solutions for customer request and needs through our experienced designer team.

  • Short screen preparation time

  • Fast internal design process service

  • Extensive design archive in a wide range of categories

  • Ability to print designs most properly by means of flat screen and rotary screen printing machines

  • Offering different alternatives and flexible solutions due to diversity in machinery and printing screens
Hamle Tekstil Tasarım

Hamle Tekstil

  Akçaburgaz Mahallesi Alkop Sanayi Sitesi 1575 Sokak C/4 Blok No:1-2-3-4-23-24-25-26
Esenyurt / İstanbul / Türkiye
  +90 (212) 858 01 15
  +90 (212) 858 16 39

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