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Flock Printing
Flok Baskı

Flock is a very small natural or synthetic fiber cut at specific length. In flock printing, these flocks are applied to an adhesive-coated fabric surface thus a velvety, fuzzy effect and decorative appearance is obtained.

First step of flocking process is printing of adhesive on the fabric using the rotary screen printing method. It can be either locally printed according to the desired design or surface may be coated all over like mostly applied on laces.

After that, fabric on the belt passes through a specific equipment which creates electrostatic field. At this stage, electrostatically charged flock particles drop vertically on fabric surface that previously applied adhesive and creates the flocked texture.

  • A value-added alternative printing technique.

  • Stylish fabric texture with a soft handle.

  • Less expensive compared to embroidery and burnout print.

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